Blondies (from The Sensitive Pantry)

From Food - Wheat Free

So, last week I acted upon a craving. I'd seen some absolutely scrumptious looking blondies on Nancy's site, The Sensitive Pantry. Nancy always puts up the most delicious looking recipes. In this case I had all the ingredients on hand except the gluten free rolled oats which I picked up on a run to the local health foods store. Highland Health Food is where I do most of my specialty gluten free shopping here locally in town. I love it there and have been going since I was 7 or so. Very fond memories eating sorbet there. I digress however.

Much to my disappointment the first batch I cooked up did not turn out the way I hoped. They were cakey and easily fell apart, not the craving killer I was after, I could tell they had good flavor though so wanted to try again. After a few back and forths with Nancy, she was very helpful, I got the kinks ironed out and ended up with a yummy blondie that had the texture I was after, I would have liked them sweeter and probably could have increased the brown sugar a bit to get that. I ended up using an egg and no baking powder (rather than the egg replacer) and they turned out just fine (my first batch I did not omit the baking powder and we think this was the problem... you see, I'm not a baker.)

I think though that my search for the perfect blondie for me may not yet be over, as I really wanted a very rich, sweet, not good for me version. I completely recommend Nancy's version as they ARE good, and probably good for you (in comparison to my craving, haha.) Please try them, I know you'll like them.


Nancy - said...

Hey, they look awesome! Glad they worked out and let me know when you find the perfect Blondie! Thanks for trying and posting my recipe. Nancy