Tasty treats, I've had some good ones lately.

Hello blogland. Oh how I've neglected thee. I have been busy in my absence however, tasting and treating myself to many a fine gluten free meal and treat. I think in this post I'll get my feet wet again by sharing what I thought of some of them.

In early April I headed to Northwest Washington to visit my sister. While there I decided I would order myself a gluten free pizza from Garlic Jim's. I'd missed the chance to try one while they were located in my hometown, the store here wasn't open long. I ordered a Gourmet Hawaiian; canadian bacon, pineapple, coconut and almond slivers. Let me tell you, this was a very good pizza, the crust was buttery and crisp, the sauce and toppings completely delicious the price wasn't ridiculous either. I was so very happy with the customer service as well, they were VERY excited to provide me with a gluten free pizza and it was quite endearing. If I lived anywhere near a Garlic Jim's I would most certainly be ordering from them again.

I've also tried Kinnikinnick's personal size pizza crust. These are easy to handle and dress. The dough has a pleasant slightly sweet taste that I actually like quite a bit. Its a quick and easy way to put a meal together when I'm running short on time. I love that the box comes with 4 crusts in it which makes it a worthwhile purchase for the cost in my book.

Next up, I got my hand's on some Udi's white sandwich bread.... omg! I was eating it plain straight from the bag. It was soft, had great texture and taste; like a really great piece of french bread. I made sandwiches for dinner three nights in a row just so I could have an excuse to keep eating it. The bread was so good I decided to have a go at the lemon streusel muffins, what can I say other than these were very tasty. I cut them in half and ate them with just a bit of butter. The lemon flavor was light, the muffins texture was chewy and not to dense and the topping wasn't overwhelming. You'll find me buying more of them in the future. I can't wait to taste the rest of Udi's line of so far very satisfactory goods.

I'll leave you with these products to chew on for now and share more with you later. I hope that your late spring/early summer is shaping up to be a great one. I know I'd love for mine to have just a bit less rain than it has so far.