Winco is coming along!

I'm very happy to say that Winco (an employee owned company serving the Northwest) is coming right along when it comes to carrying gluten free goods. They've got the Betty Crocker mixes, Bob's Red Mill is also on the shelf, Chex cereals in droves, and now they've added Udi's to the list. I was so happy to learn that I can go to the bakery freezer (where the pies are kept) and get many Udi's products; muffins, breads and pizza crust. Thank you Winco for making my grocery shopping that much easier.


Caitlin said...

As a member of the gluten-free club, I was very happy to come across your blog and read about Winco creating gluten-free food products. I just started my own blog (called Gluten Free Celebrity, on the lifestyle of becoming gluten-free and highlight the fact that grocery shopping might be more difficult but not to worry. After reading that Winco, carriers of Betty Crocker mixes, Chex cereals and Bob's Red Mill, companies of products that are very well known and delicious, are coming out with a gluten-free line, I was thrilled! I'll remain optimistic that as time goes on buying gluten-free products will become much less of a hassle, and after reading your most recent blogpost, you've given me all the more faith. Thanks for settling my sweet tooth!

Brian said...

We have a Winco nearby also. It is nice that they have some gluten free products. Take care.