Onion rings.


One of the sides I miss most since going gluten free is onion rings. My taste for onions bloomed fairly recently, I'd say in the last 10 years and even more so since I married my husband who LOVES them. So it seems that I had just really started enjoying a food when it was swiped out from under me. Forbidden to be eaten.

I did some reading and couldn't find any recipes that didn't call for wheat flour or beer. However I'm an avid food network fan and one day as I was watching Tyler Florence, I discovered something precious. He made onion rings that day; delicious, golden, crunchy on the outside gooey on the inside onion rings! The best part was he made them with rice flour.

I decided to try for myself, so I pulled out my favorite onion ring recipe and substituted the glutenous flour with rice flour. They came out wonderful. I may even try a beer battered onion ring some day soon as I've found some decent gluten free beer as well. So try it, it couldn't be easier. Make some onion rings to go with those lettuce wrapped burgers or tasty steaks.


Linda said...

Onion rings is something I miss too, but I haven't tried making them yet. I think your post will motivate me to do it!

Thanks for joining What's for dinner Wednesday!

Gina said...

I have found rice flour to be the best wheat-free breading for deep-fried foods. It browns really nicely and the texture is wonderful!

Stacey said...

I love onion rings and my husband is a big fan of onions so for Christmas we got a deep fryer. Now I just need to actually make them.

Charm said...

I had made onion rings but they didn't turn out too well. We have pretty much cut out rice after finding out my daughter is allergic... I miss onion rings too!