Breakfast Tacos!

Head on over to The Gluten Free Homemaker for her What's for Dinner Wednesday? blog carnival. It's a ton of fun and you'll find many meal ideas. This week it's breakfast food and next week it'll be dessert. So share your gluten free meal ideas with us and link up or just visit and get inspired.

Before I cut gluten out of my diet breakfast burritos/tacos were one of my favorite ways to eat the first meal of the day. What's not to like about eggs, meat, onions, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes (which I can no longer have, a long story but peppers and tomatoes seem to be the cause of my hives) in an easy to eat package. I've been hard pressed however in my post-gluten gobbling life to find a wrap that would actually hold up to being filled and rolled, however I've found a solution.

Recently I started making my own homemade corn tortillas. These little beauties are so wonderful, they taste out of this world and being so darn fresh (hot off the skillet) they are perfectly pliable, a more than suitable vehicle for a breakfast taco.

These are so easy to make, you can either use a store bought gluten free wrap or make your own homemade and fill 'em up!! Get creative and have them your way.

Some fillings I like in my breakfast taco:
Last nights steak
If you can eat it, tomatoes and peppers... Salsa!!!


Linda said...

Great idea Rachel!

Cheryl said...

Yum!! I never used to eat anything like this for breakfast...until I met my Hubby. Salsa at 7AM? Sure! Cold pizza, left over name it :)

Amy Green said...

Before going gf and sugar-free, I was the Queen of Left Overs for Breakfast so this is something that works for me. Have you posted your tortilla recipe? My hubby would love it!

Brian said...

I love any this type of breakfast. I don't eat it much at home, but we do breakfast burritos at the fire station once in a while. Great job on the home made tortillas.