Adopt a Blogger - November

Jill over at Hey that tastes good! is always posting the most scrumptious, adventurous gluten free dishes. One day she hit the nail straight on the head for me, gluten free chinese dumplings (I call them pot-stickers) !!!! Something I'd been missing for a long time, something my husband and son eat in front of me on a regular basis which just feeds my craving for them. I was so excited to see that she had posted these on her blog that I almost sang. I decided I would make them and use them for my November - Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger post hosted by Sea at The Book of Yum.

It was interesting making these, you see Jill was inspired by another blogger, so I flipped back and forth between the two sites. I ended up using Jill's wrapper and sauce recipe and finding a pork and cabbage filling recipe elsewhere on the web. I'll be honest, this was a time consuming and slightly complicated endeavor, however the result was very worth it. These tasted just like I remembered them tasting, and they had good texture and browned right up. I was a very happy camper.

I ended up having a few issues with my paper towels that were used between wrappers (so they didn't stick together while making them) being too damp and later causing issues with the handling and forming of the dumpling. These pot-sticker/dumplings freeze well, there was no way I could eat a whole batch at once so I froze the stuffed and formed (raw) extras in a single layer, when I took them out later to cook them, from frozen they came out almost as good as freshly done, very edible.

I'll probably be making these again soon, I might try Ellen's wrapper recipe next time just to see which I prefer. However if you're craving a pot-sticker, this is a very very good recipe for you.


Lauren said...

These look delicious! I tried the same recipe a few months back, and it was great! Glad you enjoyed them!

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Diane-The WHOLE Gang said...

These look really good. I have to get cooking! I miss potstickers so much. I can't eat rice so I'm looking for a good substitute for that. I'll have to play with this over the holidays.