Eating on the road.

This month I traveled to Minnesota with my family to visit my husbands parents. I ate very well on the way thanks to as I was able to pick a safe place to eat in most of the places we stopped.

Bozeman Montana, what a surprise you were. I can't believe the hidden treasures I found there. Two restaurants that hold a very special place in my stomach now and I hope to visit again.

Montana Ale Works, there aren't enough good things to say about this place. We walked in and the atmosphere was great, reminded me so much of my favorite places in Eugene, OR. Live music was playing, the waitstaff was very friendly and knowledgable and the menu, there isn't a gluten free specific menu, you know why...? As a gluten free person you can order most of the things on the regular menu (except the fries,) tell your waiter that you're gluten free and they'll let you know all about it. You can order a burger, they come with a fabulous gluten free bun. I got the Black and Blue burger (that's right, they use gluten free blue cheese) and a side of coleslaw. I savored every bit of that burger. The bun never got soggy or fell apart, it had good flavor and a nice soft chew. I was very tempted to get a pasta dish they all sounded so tasty as they have gluten free pasta too I could have!! But that burger really called to me.

I also found The Nova Cafe in Bozeman. We ate here for breakfast on our way out of town, the first thing I saw when I walked in was the front display case, full of gluten free baked goods; lemon bars, muffins, cookies... all looked and later tasted very good. We sat down and I ordered an omelet, named the Forager, lost of mushrooms and artichoke hearts... best omelet ever and the kicker was the three grain gluten free bread that came with my meal. I was impressed at this restaurant too and again would visit it the next time I stop in Bozeman.

All I can say is that Bozeman was a wonderful gluten free experience for me. Thank you so much for making my stay so pleasant.


Brian said...

I'm glad you found some gf places to eat while on the road. Traveling can be tough while maintaing a gluten free diet.

Karen said...

Did you happen to visit Missoula? We may be visiting there soon and I was curious. I just found your blog today and look forward to reading it in the future.
Karen Robertson