Happy Holidays and a Giveaway!!!

Up until about a year ago, my pots and pans were a jumbled variety of hand-me downs and fixer uppers. I was so excited last fall when I purchased my first full set of matching pots and pans. I'm so happy with them and at least one piece gets used every day to feed my family delicious gluten free meals. In fact most of the recipes and dishes you see here on my blog have been prepared with this set. It's Rachael Ray's 10 piece stainless steel cookware set and I love it.

Which is why I'm so excited to tell you, I have a wonderful opportunity provided by cookware.com and Rachael Ray Cookware to spread the holiday spirit to my readers!! One lucky reader will receive a Bubble and Brown 2.75 quart covered casserole dish from Rachael Ray's bakeware collection. I'll be reviewing this product for you in a later post, but in the meantime I can't wait to give one away! You'll be able to pick from Orange, Yellow, Chocolate or Blue!

To enter this drawing please leave me a comment with your e-mail (if you don't leave contact information I'll be unable to let you know you've won, automatic forfeit. Sorry) and tell me what product on cookware.com makes you go gaga!! This giveaway will close at 12 am Pacific on New Year's Eve, I'll announce the winner January 1st.

It's Christmas, and New Years is just around the corner. I hope you're all having a happy and safe holiday season, enjoying family, friends and really good food. I know I've been cooking often and am sure you are too, wouldn't this little beauty just make it more fun!!


Christi said...

What I am drooling over is the Viking Professional Blender in Bright Red. I love red and my current blender is margarita / daiquiri quality not making-milk-out-of-rice-or-almonds quality.

christi.s1996 at yahoo.com

Andrea H said...

There are too many things that make me go nuts... online cooking-ware-shopping is even WORSE than in-the-store cooking ware shopping! Cutlery definitely works its way to the top of the list... but really? I've been eyeing some of the indoor gardening stuff, as I live in a climate (and have a landlord) that isn't conducive to outdoor gardening. I've seen the AeroGarden stuff around, and would really, really like one.... but would also really, really like a casserole dish!!


Anonymous said...

Mine really is the Bubble and Brown casserole dishes. I love the look of them- the style and the color.


Linda said...

There are so many great things at cookware it is hard to choose. However, I love my turbo oven, but the handle has broken. I see they have a new design and now I'm thinking I'll have to wait till next Christmas to get it.

Lindsay said...

The one thing I REALLY want to do is upgrade my rice cooker and I'm talking about UPGRADE!!! I would LOVE to get a Zojirushi Zutto Neuro Fuzzy. It's about 10 steps up from the Hello Kitty model I've been using since college!
As long as it makes rice, my hubby doesn't seem to care, but a girl can dream, right?

(terrencedmutombo AT comcast DOT net)

Claire said...

I would have to say it would be a new pot set, stainless. I am not sure what brand, but a set with a copper base for heat would rock.