Creative Consumables!

This last week I've been busy busy in the kitchen, making yummy treats. I've made some caramel corn, some candied nuts and miscellaneous other goodies I will share in another post. I don't care to bake so much and while I do enjoy cookies and make them occasionally, the holiday season isn't when I spend my time doing it. I tend to turn to candy for my consumable well wishes to family and friends.

This year, I combined candies!! That's right I took some of the things I like to make separately and put them all together for something supremely scrumptious. Caramel corn, candied nuts and some drizzled white and dark chocolate make for the delicious item you'll see below. It was so easy too.

Just make each of these recipes first:

Caramel Corn
Candied Nuts

Then lay out the caramel corn on a parchment lined baking sheet, sprinkle some nuts into it and drizzle chocolate over the top! Allow to set, break up the chunks a bit and package in a bag or tin for delivery to your loved ones! I promise they'll beg you for more.


Heather @CeliacFamily said...

This looks fabulous! I might have to drizzle a little more chocolate on it, just to satisfy my chocolate cravings. On second thought, it looks great just the way it is. Thanks for the idea!

Brian said...

MMMMMMM..... Carmel corn. Looks delicious. Have a Merry Christmas.

Tasty Eats At Home said...

Oh, yes please! Looks amazing. Thanks for linking up to GF HOliday!