Lesson learned.

It's Valentine's and I actually found the time and inclination to get a babysitter so I could go out with my husband (something I haven't been able to do in some time) so last night we had our Valentine's dinner date. We started out with a little wine tasting at Terra Blanca, accompanied by some extraordinary chocolate and then set out to eat. Our regular dinner stomping grounds Bonefish Grill and P.F. Chang's were both a more than two hour wait to be seated and had no reservations availiable until after 9 pm. Outback had a more than three hour wait and so my three gluten free dinner options were out. We were hungry and completely amazed at how many people chose to have an early Valentine dinner with their loved one. Our options were limited and we racked our brains for a solution.

We decided to try seafood, I can usually find something safe to eat and most kitchens are very helpful, making sure I'm not glutened. Anthony's in Richland had a 45 minute wait, which was much more doable than our other options, so we headed over there. I went to order and was intently searching my menu for the easiest item to make gluten free, my waiter seeing my level of concentration asked if he could steer me in a direction. I offered that I was looking for something non glutenous. He beamed, "We happen to have a gluten free menu, let me get that for you!" He was knowledgeable in the gluten free requirements and everything came out perfect.

Wow, I was so excited. Here I assumed that the restaurant didn't have a gluten free menu and so I didn't ask. Lesson learned, in the future I'll give the establishment the benefit of the doubt and ask before I make assumptions. My dinner was fabulous and the staff very friendly. Here I am, not sick and still smiling about the pleasant surprise of gluten free options and the delicious meal I had last night. I will be keeping them in mind next time I need a gluten free meal out.


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Wow! It's great that you found that restaurant. Glad to hear it worked out so well. When my daughter was first diagnosed, I bought this book that kind of chartered all of the gluten -free restaurants across the US.

(Don't you hate the sucky chinese or whatever comments? I've gotten them a couple of times.)