Menu Plan Monday

I haven't put together a weekly menu in some time. I'm not sure why because when I do dinners are so easy to put together, I already know what I'm making and there's not a struggle. When I don't, cooking dinner becomes a last minute chaotic pile of whatever was easiest to thaw out in 30 minutes. So I'm going to try and make it a habit to write out a weekly menu once more.

This week will be easy meals, I'm a bit of an invalid and can barely use my left arm... who knows. There is a lot of pain and little range of motion. So I'll plan meals accordingly.

Monday: Baked Potatoes

Tuesday: Meatloaf and Brown Rice Pilaf

Wednesday: Pork Medallions with leftover pilaf

Thursday: Leftover make-over, Really Good Chili

Friday: Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic... and a vegetable of some sort :-)

Saturday: Leftovers, if there is any or Spaghetti

Sunday: Dinner out.