Menu Plan Monday... a little late

Yesterday was just full of little moments. The sun was shining brightly and there was this lovely feeling of peace floating on the air. I enjoyed each of those moments, spending my day avoiding the hustle and bustle and electronic hum that most of my days are filled with. Spending some time in my yard to take in some of the first color in my flower bed.

I also spent some time with my weeping cherry tree, anticipating what these tiny little buds will bring when spring is in full swing.

And so I am only thinking of this weeks menu today. You'll have to pardon me. Spend some time outside if the weather permits it. Slow down for a bit, you never know what you may discover.

Monday: Shrimp Caesar salads

Tuesday: Beef tacos with homemade corn tortillas

Wednesday: Hearty Soup (will share recipe on What can I eat that's Gluten Free?)

Thursday: Garlic lemon chicken with a side of lemon scented white rice.

Friday: Venison steaks in a bordelaise-esc sauce and baked potato side.

Saturday: BBQ chicken drummets and pasta salad

Sunday: Leftovers of some variety.


misa ramirez said...

My son has celiac disease, so I'm glad to have found your site! Have you been to New Grain Recipes?

She has some great recipes there.