A new habit.

Recently my husband has started working for himself. This is a great step for us and he's very happy and enjoying the journey immensely. While it's a little scary, it's also given me the opportunity to pick up some new habits. I've been having to cut expenses in various places. The first and easiest area to tackle was the grocery budget. Up until the last couple of months I would just go to the store whenever I needed some ingredients, would fill up the basket (mostly with impulse purchases,) and head out. I didn't have a plan and ended up spending quite a bit per month on groceries.

So I've started making a weekly menu. I usually do my shopping on Sunday and the menu I write up for the week runs Monday through Sunday. Just by making up a menu and sticking to those items I need to make those meals (and breakfast and lunch supplies as well,) while shopping, I cut my grocery bill by more than half. I was completely amazed. I also love not having to ask myself what's for dinner each night, I already know. So I thought I might share my weekly menu's with you, nothing fancy and you'll see that I plan for a leftover night, we're not big on leftovers for some reason and if I don't plan them, they don't get eaten. I do try to make something I haven't tried before at least once a week. This isn't a typical week of course, we'll be eating leftovers most of it.

Monday: Hearty vegetable soup.

Tuesday: Brats and Tots.

Wednesday: Venison Stew.

Thursday: THANKSGIVING!!!! Turkey, gluten free cornbread stuffing, green beans in mushroom wine sauce (my moms recipe and I'll be sharing it later,) roasted potatoes, gluten/dairy free pumpkin pie!

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Turkey Soup

Give making a menu a try. You may find that it works great for you, relieving the stress of having to figure out what's for dinner every night and maybe cutting your grocery bill a bit. I know I'm enjoying it and it's a habit I intend to keep.