It's pizza night.


In my house pizza is served often, my husband and 2 year old love it. They have their own gluten infected pizza stone on which to bake up a nice thin crust as often as they like. I too love pizza, however I don't have it nearly as often as I used to now that I don't eat any gluten.

I've tried many varieties of gluten free pizza and dough. A few frozen, which while edible weren't anything to write home about. Many homemade crusts I didn't find edible at all, and quite a bit of trial and error were involved in finding one that I liked.

Forget a pan crust, there really isn't anything you want in a really thick crust when it comes to gluten free in regards to pizza (in my opinion.) These are the recipes that I more often than not ended up throwing in the trash the taste and bite just not right. Gluten free bread tends to be dense, and I don't feel like chewing my pizza all night long. I'll tell you now, I used to love a pan crust, Pizza Hut was my favorite... nice and greasy. I've since switched to thin crust and I've found one I'll share.

If you have Bette Hagman's Gluten Free Gourmet (revised addition) you'll find the recipe for Pat's Thin Yeast Crust there, pg 244, mine has pizza sauce stains on it. That's what I use, it makes a wonderful tasting crispy thin crust that can be held in your hand or eaten with a knife and fork. Even my husband will eat it and tell you straight to your face that you wouldn't know the difference. I've made a couple of changes to the recipe, and you can too. Cooking/Baking is about finding your own way in the kitchen. Have fun. Enjoy this pizza with a beverage, maybe one of the gluten free beers I've tried lately would go well with it.

Pat's Thin Yeast Crust

1 1/2 teaspoons instant dry yeast granules
1 cup warm water 105 to 115 degrees (you may or may not need a bit more or less than the cup.)
1 teaspoon sugar
2/3 cup rice flour (I use brown.)
1/3 cup potato starch flour
1 tablespoon potato flour (I use sorghum here)
1 1/2 teaspoons melted shortening (I use butter)
1 teaspoon salt

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees

In a mixing bowl, dissolve the yeast in 1/2 cup of the warm water with the sugar added. Let set until yeast bubbles and the quantity doubles.

Add all the rest of the ingredients, using enough of the remaining water to get a dough the consistency of cake frosting that will spread, not run, when all ingredients are thoroughly beaten. On your pizza stone or greased cookie sheet pour your batter out. Spead with a spatula until you have a nice circle 12" to 12 1/2 " around. If you want leave more at the edge for raised sides.

Bake for 10 minutes and remove from oven, add sauce and toppings and return to the oven for 25 to 30 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly.


Anonymous said...

The kids want pizza once a week around here and sometimes for lunch. Yesterday it was Mexican pizza with leftover refried black beans, salsa and a shredded Mexican cheese blend.

Linda said...

Your pizza looks beautiful. My husband says my pizza crust is similar to Pizza Hut. It's been so long I don't remember. This recipe is quicker, though. I might try it for lunch some time.

Gina said...

Pizza and beer! Who can ask for more? I have heard this recipe is good, and I have yet to try it. It's about time I get on it!

Gina said...

Also, thanks for the tip on the beer. I have tried the Green's and Redbridge, but not Bard's. I looked on their site and it appears that they have it at my local grocery store. How did I miss it?

Anonymous said...

Aren't Bette Hagmans recipes just wonderful! I find her cookbooks to be one of the best places to start. I think I'll make Pizza tonight, thanks

Marlow said...


Melanie (Allergy Family) said...

Yummy, I'll definitly have to try this. My little guy loves his pizza.

Brian said...

I'll have to try this crust soon, it looks great. I've been looking for a new pizza dough recipe for a while. Thanks for sharing

JoAnn said...

Pizza...yum! My husband has been longing for pizza!