A GLOW-ing Review.

So a little while back, while surfing the web for gluten free goodies I could order and try out I tripped across this website for Glow Gluten Free. I immediately got excited about these cookies, not only were the four varieties some of my favorites but they are of course gluten AND casein free (as well as being a preservative and trans fat free all natural cookie).

I continued to peruse the site, wondering where I may be able to pick some of these puppies up locally to try, which is when I got a little sad. You see Glow is currently only available on the east coast (or at least nowhere near my PNW location). I could almost taste these cookies as I surfed the website and so it drove me to do something I've never done before, e-mail the address on the contact us page. Not only did I get a fast response to my question of when they would be available to order/purchase locally, I also got a pleasant surprise. Jill e-mailed me herself and told me they were just starting to branch out and hopefully would have online purchases availiable soon. YAY. Then she also offered to send me some Glow Gluten Free cookies to try, my jaw dropped! I was so excited, yes of course I would.

I got this awesome little package in the mail and couldn't wait to dig in. Where to start was the question and so I opened the gingersnaps. Wow, all I can say is wow, great flavor and texture just what I would expect from a gingersnap. Boy did these guys give me the bite I would like in this kind of cookie. I was very pleased. Best gluten free gingersnap I've tried to date.

I tried the snickerdoodle cookie next, the first thing I noted was the smell which was just as I remembered my gluteny snickerdoodles of old. Unfortunately, I didn't find the snickerdoodle cookie to be my favorite, while good it was much to crunchy (in my opinion) for a snickerdoodle and it left an aftertaste that I wasn't fond of. Good points, while I was eating it I enjoyed the flavor and they were far from terrible, just not my favorite.

The chocolate chip cookie was a crisp cookie as well. It had great flavor and while these tended to crumble in my hand a bit I didn't mind because they tasted quite good and had just the right ratio of chocolate chips to cookie. In fact its a good thing there are only seven cookies in a box or I would have been in trouble with this one.

Double chocolate chip, what can I say other than it was my favorite out of the four. Probably because I really love chocolate. Again, a crunchy cookie (which I think suits this flavor well) with great chocolate flavor and plenty of chocolate chips. These held together well and had great texture, if only I'd had a couple more boxes of these!! hah.

All in all these were really good cookies and if you happen to have a chance to get your hands on some I would recommend you do. Thank you Glow for giving me the opportunity to taste your fabulous creations, I'm extremely grateful.


Charm said...

Those look so yummy! Do they have egg in them?