Product Review - Gluten Free Cafe Asian Noodles.

Some nights I just don't have the energy nor the desire to get in the kitchen and really cook. These nights I am very thankful for convenience. When I happened upon Gluten Free Cafe in the freezer section at my local grocer I was excited. A new convenience product to try out. I'm always looking for new gluten free items to try. While it's a rare day/night that I don't put together a home cooked meal its nice to know I have a quick fix choice. Maybe these products have been around a while, I don't know. They are new to my area so I thought I'd review one of them for now. Maybe the other flavors later.

I purchased the Asian Noodles from Gluten Free Cafe on this particular outing and I think it took me a week to get around to trying them. They microwaved easily and just like most frozen meals we're ready in just a few minutes.

As I peeled the plastic back I was greeted by the warm smell of ginger... I stirred up the noodles and the sauce just as the directions said. Of course it ended up looking nothing like the box, but do these type of meals ever? No.

I let it cool a minute and took a bite, the first thought that came to mind was that this dish was misnamed, rather than having a definite asian flavor I was tasting curry, strongly. The rice noodles weren't mush however they were a little softer than I would have liked, the chicken pieces had no texture or flavor at all and honestly I think the dish would have been fine if they weren't included. The water chestnuts and peanut bits saved the dish for texture, adding a nice bit of crunch and the carrots still had a bit of firmness to them as well. The portion size was just right for a light meal.

While I wasn't WOWd with this particular microwaveable meal it rated a fair percentage higher than some of the other similar gluten free convenience foods I've tried. Would I buy it again... lower the price a little and I would. Paying almost $5 for this really isn't realistic, I could make a comparable meal at home that would taste much better and be cooked exactly to my liking for less than I can buy this pre-packaged meal at the moment.


Tammie Barker said...


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Amy Green said...

I haven't bought a pre-packaged meal since giving up the gluten and sugar. It's been a struggle but I have decided I'd rather know what I'm eating and know it's going to be good than take my chances. I agree with you about being able to cook a better meal for less. Sometimes, though, life gets so busy that I'd like to know I could pop a great meal in the microwave. Your review is great - lots of attention to detail.